Thursday, February 1, 2018

New Year Resolution?

Some people come up with resolutions each year of things they want to achieve, I on the other hand have had only one throughout the years... To NOT make a resolution!  And for the most part I have been able to KEEP that resolution.  Until Now. I saw a resolution that someone else listed and I liked it. I think we should be learning new things all the time thru our lives, and I think I do.. keep learning that is... but, just to be sure, I want to Learn SOMETHING NEW EACH MONTH!

That sounds reasonable, right?  In fact I like to think that I learn new things each week! This would just be a good way to make sure I know what it is!  I could log it here!! ... Only problem is, today is February 1st! So ... January just slipped away and I have to do some thinking about what I might have learned new "last month". 

WOW Where did January Go???

Well, I know one thing I learned yesterday (and that qualifies for January) and maybe I learned it long ago but it's one of those things we tend to forget.  

Don't expect too much for 'nothing'. 

Things don't have to cost a LOT to be valuable, but I do think that if we pay something we can expect to get more than if we paid nothing. So where is this going? 

I attended a one-hour online class ('learning experience' describes it better) yesterday. It was free. No, I'm not here to name bash, I won't even tell you her name, but the person was not a very good presenter, lost her place several times, didn't stay focused, I'm not sure we covered the number of points she said we would cover, and it ended in a sales pitch for her other classes (big surprise). My biggest complaint is that I did NOT come away with the knowledge she said we would learn.

My husband reminded me last nite, "Well, it was free, what did you expect?"  So, technically, if I adhere to his past advice, it wasn't REALLY free, it cost me an hour out of my TIME. That's an hour I can't get back and I could have done other things in. So I RE-Learned... don't expect TOO MUCH for Nothing.  :-)

Saturday, January 13, 2018

How Do Bloggers DO IT ???

Really? Everyday they have something new to say, share, show... HOW do they do it? Sure, I've had a lot of things happening this month I could have shared, but I have been B.U.S.Y. - ya know? I guess it's a matter of priorities, do it first thing in the morning (?) and then you're done!  Maybe I'll try that.

Ok so this month (December)... I had a Paint Party where we painted a snowman, that was fun! and they did a great job... here's the link to the gallery, see for yourself!

Heck I couldn't even get this post finished... I think I started it a couple weeks ago!  It's now the end of the month... where did it GO???

Happy New Year's everyone!!

ps--Found this in my Drafts... and didn't realize I hadn't published, so here it is, better late than never...?