Thursday, June 29, 2017

Prices of art supplies . . . buyer beware!

Ok, I love love love new projects that cause me to go searching for new products to buy and add to my already large supply locker... but this week was CRAZY... First let me say that I love shopping at Michael's and Hobby Lobby because it's instantly mine! ... Amazon is great too, but you have to wait a couple days for the item... SO, having said that... I shopped 1st on Amazon for these "Golden brand High Flow Acrylic paints".  I found this:

Note the cost... $34.20 for an assortment of 10 (set)

Now... Michael's:

It looks like the same item... assortment of 10
for $79.99

W H A T ? ? ? 

Also, in the store they only had an assortment of 5 colors, for $37.99

Even with a COUPON it doesn't compare!!