Thursday, May 7, 2020

Yummm... healthy dinner at last!

Yesterday we decided to have a nice dinner (and a healthy dinner) . Since my husband will be visiting his mother on Mother's Day I kind of looked at this as my Mother's Day dinner. So when he asked what I would like to have, I replied, well I'd LIKE to have crab legs at Red Lobster but we won't be doing that since we are sheltered at home. We did have the option of placing an order and picking it up and bringing it back home but it's about a 30-minute trip and I really didn't fancy cold crab legs. Another suggestion he had was to visit our local fishmonger who does have high quality fish all the time and we could cook it ourselves, together. He even agreed to have fish for dinner himself! Shocker because that's not something he normally would agree to.

We decided on crab legs for me, and grouper for him. My husband likes grouper and we found several recipes for which we already had most of the ingredients, the only thing we had to pick up was grated Parmesan. The decision was made! Grouper Florentine. Another surprise because spinach is not usually on my husband's list of favorite things... unless it is in a spinach artichoke dip for which we have tortilla chips!

They had some lovely crab legs at the fishmongers and grouper happened to be on sale! After a couple errands we brought them home prepared our meal ...I steamed the crab legs  in our gigantic pot ,  and we cooked his grouper recipe together, I prepared the Florentine  sauce while he cooked the grouper .  We had a lovely evening! Everything turned out right for once. In fact I think I will use his recipe once again without the grouper to make creamed spinach. It was so so good and it reminded me somewhat of Boston Market's creamed spinach but this was even better! Now I just have to find that recipe...