Wednesday, February 21, 2018

February?? Really? What happened to January!?

Well I've heard the expression but I certainly hope it is Not true about "the road to hell being paved with good intentions"...because my January was Certainly paved with Good Intentions! 

I wanted to have designed and created Valentine cards by now! Ok so I'm here to tell you how this happens, at least for me... 

I open my laptop this morning intent on finding a You Tube video I wanted to finish watching from yesterday that will inspire me with tons of ideas for Valentine cards. On the way to the video, I start closing unnecessary tabs in my browser, that's when it happens.. I find a page that has unique cards on Etsy and I remember a friend who was looking for these, so I copy the URL and open my email to send it to her so i can close that tab! Oops once my email is open I see a few I can delete, but then this one tells me there are 20 lifestyle posts I "Must Read Today"... so I do... and of course that leads me to reading about the perfectly grilled steak, how to arrange a perfect kid's breakfast on Valentine's Day (ooh! I must send this link to my daughter!, so I do) now back to the email... my home can reach a "new level of clean" ?  Really... let's look at that! (and I do) and the phone rings... make an appointment for that person, and back to the email. I Must know what the Single Biggest Mistake I could make on my resume is, so I get lured into that one! Halfway thru it, the recruiter that wrote the article tells how she made up her own format of a resume that gives everything at a quick glance. Well! I just have to try adapting MY resume to that format, just for kicks, not job hunting. So I open Publisher and hunt up my resume and start formatting away.  WHAT???!!!

THIS is how my life goes. Does any of it sound familiar to you? (pleeeeez say Yes!) So, midway thru formatting my resume, I remember... I started a BLOG POST (yes, this one) that I need to get back to and there it hits me... I was going to make Valentine Cards! (I will pause here... to really go and try to find that video) . . .

Thursday, February 1, 2018

New Year Resolution?

Some people come up with resolutions each year of things they want to achieve, I on the other hand have had only one throughout the years... To NOT make a resolution!  And for the most part I have been able to KEEP that resolution.  Until Now. I saw a resolution that someone else listed and I liked it. I think we should be learning new things all the time thru our lives, and I think I do.. keep learning that is... but, just to be sure, I want to Learn SOMETHING NEW EACH MONTH!

That sounds reasonable, right?  In fact I like to think that I learn new things each week! This would just be a good way to make sure I know what it is!  I could log it here!! ... Only problem is, today is February 1st! So ... January just slipped away and I have to do some thinking about what I might have learned new "last month". 

WOW Where did January Go???

Well, I know one thing I learned yesterday (and that qualifies for January) and maybe I learned it long ago but it's one of those things we tend to forget.  

Don't expect too much for 'nothing'. 

Things don't have to cost a LOT to be valuable, but I do think that if we pay something we can expect to get more than if we paid nothing. So where is this going? 

I attended a one-hour online class ('learning experience' describes it better) yesterday. It was free. No, I'm not here to name bash, I won't even tell you her name, but the person was not a very good presenter, lost her place several times, didn't stay focused, I'm not sure we covered the number of points she said we would cover, and it ended in a sales pitch for her other classes (big surprise). My biggest complaint is that I did NOT come away with the knowledge she said we would learn.

My husband reminded me last nite, "Well, it was free, what did you expect?"  So, technically, if I adhere to his past advice, it wasn't REALLY free, it cost me an hour out of my TIME. That's an hour I can't get back and I could have done other things in. So I RE-Learned... don't expect TOO MUCH for Nothing.  :-)