Saturday, May 6, 2017

Brush With Many Colors

That is the name of my Painting website( ), Facebook page , and so I thought I'd blog about it here. Maybe I'll even try to blog every day... but let's not get crazy...

So what's in a name?  Is this name, a Verb?  "BRUSH with many colors" or... is it a Noun?? "A" brush with many colors... well it can be BOTH!  I LOVE COLORS... anyone who knows me knows this and so for those of you who don't know me (yet) now YOU know it too! When I see a white wall... it looks like an empty canvas w..a..i..t..i..n..g.. for .... COLOR!! 

I painted my living room turquoise... YES, REALLY!  here - I'll show you a picture! Well it was tough finding one of just the room... but here's one with my hubby dressed for my Hippie Birthday party!

This one is from the "Oceanarium" looking into the living room.
Yes, I'm all about Color... 

So it makes sense that I would only use... a Brush with Many Colors to paint with! (yes, I ended with a preposition!)

Anyway... welcome to my world, and I will try to share some of the many things I delve into from painting fabric and clothes to canvas and walls! Oh, here's a wall I painted... 

I had a Van Gogh Starry Night but we painted over it when my step son moved in and I can't believe I didn't take ANY pictures of it!!  

Oh there's more but let's not try and put them all in one post!  Gotta run and get some easel paper before Hobby Lobby closes!


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