Wednesday, July 25, 2018

The Pink Lady

Well according to my chart, today is Blog day!

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Today I want to share with you a technique I learned last week and taught last week! It's one used by Picasso himself! Tricking the brain based on what the eye sees.

So let's say you have a photograph of someone you want to draw. It can be difficult to not take in everything all at once and try to get it all "right" in the drawing.  So we learned that if you take the picture and turn it Upside Down... then your brain can't seem to 'take in' what the full overall picture is and it allows you to just draw what you see... line by line, area by area.

First I'll show you a picture Picasso drew, and in our 1st lesson, they passed out copies of this and asked up to turn it upside down and then try drawing it on a pad of paper.  No Tracing... just draw what you see.

The first one is the original, and the 2nd is someone's version of it upside down.
I intended to share MY version but I left it at home and I'm currently at a local coffee shop working.

However, I picked what I thought was a less intensive drawing for my group on the next day
Also a Picasso, I have here the Original, The Original turned upside down, and then my version which I painted before taking a picture (oops). 


She looks a bit stand-off-ish, but ... there she is...

The Pink Lady.

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