Sunday, July 1, 2018

Finding myself... and my art

I love early mornings, maybe Sunday mornings especially. No one is up except me... and the cat. Even the dog has gone back to sleep after being let out for a few brief moments. I grab a bottle of water and anticipate the cup of coffee I can have after I finish this bottle; that thought makes the water go down faster... meanwhile I stumble onto some article to read. There are millions of them out there, and where my cursor lands no one knows...  

This morning I read an account by a woman named Amy. It somehow popped up in an email and caught my eye with a title of "7 lessons I learned While Finding Myself". This intrigued me as I feel lately like I am rediscovering or re-finding MYself. So I read on... it was enlightening, and encouraging. So I will continue to rediscover myself and know that is a good & healthy thing to do (in case I had forgotten that).

While talking about finding myself, I have to include my artwork. That is the biggest step I have taken lately toward determining just who *I* am after all these years. After 35 years of being a Computer Geek (in all facets of that industry) and 13 years of being an Accounting geek, I finally had reached my limit of Left Brain activity, and acquiesced to the pleadings of my Right Brain to come out and play! I've stayed semi-active in arts and crafts over the years but never REALLY gave it the amount of time I'd like to... there was always that pesky job that got in the way. Well, it's time.

I have been painting now for over 2 years ... acrylics... watercolors... mixing the two, and adding "alcohol inks", "watercolor inks", pen, and markers; Basically any and all types of other fun things.  I have found, too, when you make have to share it. You just HAVE to... otherwise, it's like seeing a sunrise and not having anyone sitting there to share it on to a website, and a Facebook page, and Instagram - all sharing with different people. Oh, there might be a few overlaps, that's ok too... but I have 'met' people that I would otherwise not have and for that I feel happy.

Yesterday I worked on rearranging my website in an attempt to organize the different styles of art I have been creating. I have noticed I like abstract and impressionism the most, so that is what I do. Feel free to take a peeks. You might have guessed the web address already:  
No, you don't have to put in the Capital letters, I just do that for readability. 

I try to create (or work on) something everyday... yesterday I hooked up a drawing tablet my husband gave me 2 years ago. It was a thoughtful gift on his part, but I wanted to create with Real Things... not the computer. I think I was trying to break away from the computer and that just didn't seem to fit my plan... so it sat in a drawer, .. until yesterday. It took most of the afternoon to find the drivers for it, get it going and then try to download the software that was supposed to come with it... but in the end I was able to make at least a graphic I was happy with.. It will likely be my July 4th Cover picture on Facebook this year.  Here's a peek:

I love the little bursts I learned to create! But I don't think I'll be creating "art" with this device, I guess it technically is digital art, but my preferred type of art still comes out of a tube and is applied with a brush.

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