Thursday, August 9, 2018

Plans need room to grow

As with all good plans mine apparently needed growing room. It's all well and good to set out a daily list, but sometimes I just don't get to the list. Today - however - I unknowingly stuck to the program! YAY for me! Today was supposed to be website day, and I did indeed work on my website!  WOW.

So I managed to post a whole new page where I can put up 'sets' that I work on... mostly ceramic tile sets, but some will be mini canvas sets. Here is the page in case you are interested...

So I did manage to get that page created, and pictures put up on it... the whole 9 yards. I even made some changes to a couple other pages.

Here is my most recent...
4" ceramic tiles
painted with acrylic paint
sealed and varnished complete
with felt feet on the backs.

Whew... now, I think I'll take time out for breakfast!

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