Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Winter Birch Trees

Yesterday I taught a class at our local college (ICC) on how to paint Winter Birch Trees. There are many, many birch tree paintings out there and they are almost ALL beautiful. This class was to demonstrate how I had painted this abstract background with the trees. It was a great time and I learned a few things along the way as well.

This was a painting I did last year and used several tools to make the spots, mostly fingers but also tried a few round brushes and other tools.I found out at that time just how long it takes to fill in a background. I had time between then and now to forget how long it took, but it reminded us yesterday LOL. As much as I love this painting, some of the results from yesterday's class took my breath away. First of all I stressed to them to make it their own. If they don't like certain colors, dont use them! If they wanted a sky & land background instead, then by all means do that instead of the dots and I got their permission to share their results with you. I will be doing another, based on the inspiration I saw here.

I want to zoom in a bit on these for you... and I took mine out of the mix. I must say I was also touched that they wanted a picture with me in it.. (that's a first!) and I'll post it below also.

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